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“My rug looks brand new! Thank you so much for the fabulous service! Your technicians were so detailed and really went the extra mile. I saw them go over and over the bad spots until the stains were gone. They also moved all my couches and coffee tables without me even asking them to, and cleaned under them. Then they put plastic protector sheets under the furniture and explained it was so the paint and stain wouldn’t bleed into the wet carpet. No other company has ever done that before. They also put plastic guards on all the doors and corners so the hoses didn’t rub against the paint. It was such a fabulous experience – I would absolutely recommend Double Take to anyone!”

Marie B.

“My ten year old spilled a whole container of orange juice on the carpet underneath the dining room table last week. Your technician came this morning and everything looks fantastic! He was cheerful and kind. He did a fantastic job! I would refer your company to anybody! He needs a raise.” 

J. Olsen

“Thank you so very much for dispatching John Serra to our home. We were impressed and appreciate him for his focused integrity. He made extra effort on going over any areas needing a second, even a third pass over stubborn stains. Our carpets are the cleanest we have ever seen. Thanks to John, who is a pleasant gentleman. Please pass our thanks on to him.”

Leonard and Edna R.

“I was so impressed by your technicians. They were here for over three hours doing my entire house plus my car seats and they never stopped working for a minute. They were constantly in motion checking on things and making sure everything looked perfect. My carpets look amazing! I was so happy I gave each of them a $20 tip, which is very unusual for me, but really, these guys deserved it!” 

R. Thorpe